Do you want to feel like a king during the summer holidays? Pick Golden Sands

holidays in bulgaria

No, it’s not some over exaggerated image we try to build open the biggest seaside resort of the Bulgarian North. These were the words of a common German tourist who was sounding ecstatic about his experience during the Golden Sands holidays. Do you want to know what else did he say? “In Bulgaria, everyone is welcome and is treated nicely, while in places like Mallorca the hosts are kind only to the wealthy guests”. So far with the intrinsic Balkan rudeness, we guess.


Do they speak English or we need to learn German and/or Russian


While the elder generations in Bulgaria rarely speak fluently English, the younger professionals working in Golden Sands hotels definitely have a much better command of the speech of the United Kingdom and the USA. Yes, the resort continues to be one of the favorite destinations of the Russian travelers and for that matter, their language is to be heard all around the place. The Germans love it too as it became clear by the statement quoted in the previous paragraph. If you wonder is it possible to find the availabilities in the hotels in Golden Sands, we can assure you that it is enough to check the list of Balkan Holidays.

provided by the longest running tour operator in the region, specialized in bringing the Brit tourists to the Black Sea coast.


So is it more Russian-friendly or more-German welcoming? Don’t worry – it’s like the World Cup. It’s open for a great number of nations and people. While the team of England hardly survives for more than two weeks playing for the biggest trophy in football, a fortnight will be more than enough for you to get the best out of the Golden Sands, Bulgaria holidays.


Most of the deals last 7 days


You will find it out easily during the research of the free suits and apartments provided by the Golden Sands hotels. One week vacation represents the common term available for booking but staying for a longer period isn’t excluded. You just need to ask more specifically the tour operator and you’ll be answered back in time and given all the details you need. If your preference is to pick some all-inclusive bargain, then you shouldn’t worry about it. Package Golden Sands holidays are always present but this type of accommodation often happens to be of the highest demand. So if you get around a suit that you like, you need to act hurry because it might get gone in no time.


The North is calmer… and boring?


Not really. Even not as loud as the main competition in the country is notorious for (we site Sunny Beach), Golden Sands holidays serves well everyone who likes to put an emphasis on the nightlife. Yes, the northern part of the Bulgarian coastline is indeed calmer than the south of Stara Planina area but in Zlatni Pyasatsi as it is known in the native language there are plenty of clubs and discos open till dawn where the party lovers can have fun. The comparison to Mallorca party atmosphere can be found and it’s still not an advertisement but the words of tourists who gladly admit that they have delighted by their Golden Sands, Bulgaria holidays experience.


What bothers the western travelers the most is the distance to the Black Sea coast. Eastern Europe isn’t really far away actually and with the high intensity of flights operating from Great Britain to Varna all summer long the trip wouldn’t take that long. And Golden Sands is located only a half-hour away from the main airport in the northern part of the Bulgarian coastline.

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