The best UNESCO Heritage sites to visit around the world

nessebar-bulgariaA dream of the passionate traveler – visiting every single UNESCO World Heritage site in the list. Is it possible to achieve such a goal? Well, with almost 1100 objects around the globe it is an extremely tough task to complete even for a regular person. Even an individual possessing a significant wealth and lots of time to travel (both things rarely match anyway) will hardly accomplish such mission in the span of a lifetime.


There are 167 countries to visit and beyond the sites everyone knows like Taj Mahal, Angkor Wat, Machu Picchu and the pyramids of Egypt there are less known places a traveler can record a presence in like the Old Town during the Nessebar holidays, Engelsberg Ironworks in Denmark, Lut Desert in Iran, or the Punic Town of Kerkouane in Tunisia, to name a few. Have you heard about some of the latter? Probably not every object that was mentioned.


What is the world record?


If you want to visit the biggest possible number of UNESCO Heritage sites you need to be well prepared to know the objects and following a strict schedule. Like those two guys did achieving Guinness World Record visiting 12 objects in 24 hours. If you think of it this way, it doesn’t look sooo hard to achieve the big goal, but don’t get fooled – you need meticulous planning. And a base to stay in – you might choose some of the Nessebar hotels to stay in and visit not only the Old Town of the Black Sea resort but also attempt to make a trip to some of the nearest objects in Bulgaria. In fact, there are 10 UNESCO Heritage sites in this Balkan country. Some these places are within reach for a round trip with a car or bus in one day during your Nessebar, Bulgaria holidays – Madara Rider it only two hours away to the north and the time to reach the Kazanlak tomb to the west is about three hours.


More than three is hard to achieve in 24 hours if you have opted to go for holidays to Nessebar, Bulgaria. Every object in this country worth the visit and it is achievable for not more than four days but you need to book a room not only in some of the Nessebar hotels but also in Sofia or Plovdiv for two nights (or maybe in the famous Borovets resort in Rila mountain) to reach the UNESCO sites in the western part of the country.


Plan the mission region by region. Year after year


The example with Nessebar holidays and Bulgaria shows that a traveler who wants to visit more World Heritage sites has to think of it one step after another. Plan your travel for certain regions and areas every year – the Balkans are most famous with the legendary Greek sites that will take at least 10 days to be accomplished. Turkey might take even longer period because the country is much larger. So even that area in the corner of Europe, on the border with Asia (and beyond) is tough to cover in less than two months. Visiting Greece and Turkey for one year for two or three weeks is a good start. The next year you can go for the already mentioned holidays to Nessebar, Bulgaria and after visiting the objects within the country, you can continue to the west – Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro.


It sounds like a crazy adventure but what about Italy with 54 sites on the map? It looks like a hard challenge to visit all these places for less than five years and practically impossible for one summer. And for now, we speak about Europe – a continent with advanced infrastructure and transport links. Covering only the European UNESCO sites probably needs a lifetime. So what about the vast territory of Asia or the Americas? You have to be a billionaire or live 200 years to be able to make it.


But it’s not about the statistics


Visiting these wonderful objects of nature or culture (or mixed) is about sensing the spirit of the place. Once again, we take Nessebar holidays for example – you should visit the Old Town but also spend several days on the beach to take the best out of the vacation. Don’t miss the beauty of Salzburg in Austria but it would be even greater experience if you add a ski holiday to that adventure. It is a dream to visit Yosemite or the Grand Canyon in the USA and from any of these sites a traveler can reach the beaches of California for one day drive. You can’t be everywhere but it worths to try!

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