On the hills of Borovets Bulgaria offers high level of ski tuition

Skiing in Borovets

Learning the basics and the fineness in skiing has made Borovets Bulgaria’s most demanded winter resort for that reason.

Being like this for ages, the tradition has started to gather a new strength in the recent years after the oldest vacation village in the country has been moving slowly for some time and needed to invest time and assets to catch up with the pace of Bansko and Pamporovo. The mentioned places form the top 3 of the country’s snow sports centers and expectedly attract most of the local people and foreign visitors arriving during the months of freezing temperatures to be taught how to run down the white hills.


The stats of the Bulgarian ski federation show that about 350 kids participated in this year edition of the “Learn to ski” program in Borovets ski resort alone. A greater number of children included in the program that runs for 10 years now already has been shown only for Vitosha – the mountain next to the capital and biggest city Sofia. Out of the free agenda on the hills of Borovets, Bulgaria has one of the most popular venues on the Balkans booked specifically for its notoriously outstanding ski schools.


The oldest winter resort in the country gained worldwide recognition for the quality of skiing and snowboarding training so quickly, that for a while a shortage of tutors occurred in the area. But that issue was handled speedily too and now Borovets ski resort provides the greatest snow sports lesson money can buy. If you don’t believe such claim, just check it for yourself to make sure that it’s more than an advertisement.

The fun isn’t only on the slopes of Borovets – Bulgaria attracts with the nightlife.


Feeling great on the runs during the day might make you feel tired when the sun goes down. But what if you have more energy and will to continue the party after dinner? Borovets ski holidays has a plenty to offer to everyone who likes to combine daytime sports with the bash in the dark hours. Some of the bars and clubs in the most traditional winter vacation village work almost until dawn and the prices are a lot cheaper than for places of that kind in the western snow complexes.


Well, being a first-timer on the runs partying all night every night wouldn’t help to learn faster and add to the skiing skills. So prioritizing on the main agenda of the Borovets holidays will bring you closer to satisfaction. You might want to just try what is like to ride in the snow on two sticks without caring too much about learning. In this case, you don’t even have to embark on the lift since Hotel Rila, for example, has the piste of the rookie’s type next to it. Actually, in Borovets, Bulgaria the first steps of the ski tuition are made in the main resort area. But with the quality of snow sports schools it wouldn’t take long before you go higher.