Snowboarding fame of Bansko

Snowboarding in Bansko Bulgaria

It might surprise you but the snowboarding happens to be one of the most successful sports in Bulgaria recently. Radoslav Yankov, a World cup holder in parallel slalom is a source of national pride in the past couple of years, and there is also representative of the country in the women’s elite – Alexandra Zhekova. Bansko in particular gains in popularity among boarding fans, partially because of the hosting of the World cup starts on the regular basis currently. The Pirin mountain resort once again welcomes the best athletes for the competitions on highest level scheduled for the last weekend of January 2018. But snowboarding in Bansko isn’t just about the tournament of the top category professionals. The magic is there for everyone – from the rookie to the champion.

But the better slopes occur to be more extreme than just “easy” skiing so to get on the board you have to be a rider – a decent one, not a pro, but definitely not an absolute beginner. Banderishka Polyana is designed for skiers and though it allows access to the boarders time and again, the main venue for such activity can be found higher and closer to the mountaintop. The primary slope to hit with a snowboard is the Funpark starting from 2600 m above sea level, just beneath Todorka peak.

Newbies, welcome to the school!

Snowboard World Cup in Bansko

For those who have gained experience and rely on their own board, the expense will be in the amount of the lift pass. Snowboarding in Bansko anyway is available for people willing to learn something new during the winter vacation and don’t even know how to hold in balance in a ride. Board and shoes hire costs 50 BGN (25 Euro) for one day only. The package for a longer period happens to be more advantageous on a daily basis. For example, the 6-day offer is valued at 240 BGN (a little bit more than 120 Euro) – 40 BGN per day. And the fortnight discount is, even more, impressing with the 16 Euro expense per day to hire a board and a pair of special shoes. Expectedly, the price list for children has lower numbers in it – 33 BGN for a day, 150 BGN for 6 days and 300 BGN for 13 days.

And how about learning? The longer you go to school, the cheaper it gets. Enrolling for a full single day in a group will cost you 65 BGN (33 Euro). The 6-day package in ski & snowboarding school has the price of 314 BGN (161 Euro) or about 27 Euro per day. The fees for the kids, sure, are lower – 55 BGN for a day, 262 BGN for a week minus one day. Going to snowboarding lessons in Bansko is available on a half-day schedule but have in mind that it isn’t valued half the price – 44 BGN (22 Euro). Individual teachers wait for you too and the personal lesson costs significantly more – 184 BGN (93 Euro) for a day, almost three times more expensive than to enrol in a group of 5-12 people.

Joining a class is possible to be dealt on spot but it’s better to make your name on the list right after booking a room (check Balkan Holidays regularly for savings and discounts). You also might find options combining equipment hire and snowboarding school in Bansko at even more affordable prices.

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